August 2019

The Myth of Anti-Competitive Pricing
By Craig Wright | 30 Aug 2019 | Economics, Law & Regulation

Introduction Posner (1968: 1563–4) upholds the position where diverse markets act outside the whims of individual players. The distinction lies

Good Title Is Not a Key

Anarchist anti-government and anti-law promoters of Bitcoin will tell you that if you don’t have your keys, you don’t have

How Keynes Failed To Comprehend Say’s Law
By Craig Wright | 16 Aug 2019 | Economics, Law & Regulation

John M Keynes tried to make Say’s law into the fundamental issue defining macroeconomics. I believe that economics everywhere up

The Gini Inequality Flaw
By Craig Wright | 12 Aug 2019 | Economics, Law & Regulation

I have the Gini index touted as a constant error in the statements that I make that the US is

By Craig Wright | 07 Aug 2019 | Economics, Law & Regulation

A quota system is an anathema to free enterprise. The perverse belief that quotas would be economically viable for any

The Imbalance of Payments
By Craig Wright | 05 Aug 2019 | Alternative Coins & Systems, Economics, Math

It has commonly come to be believed that what is generally associated with the fallacy known as the “balance of

Why Law Matters

At present, we are seeing the final desperate efforts of a bunch of conmen and felons who seek to maintain

PII in the Bitcoin World

PII stands for personally identifiable information. Right now, I see and hear many people talking about just how easy it

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