May 2023

Paper Critique: Early Religion and the Economic Geography of Wine
By Craig Wright | 31 May 2023 | Economics, Education, History

Stanislawski, D. (1975). Dionysus Westward: Early Religion and the Economic Geography of Wine. Geographical Review, 65(4), 427–444.   Dan

Anonymity Is the Place of Cowards and Crime
By Craig Wright | 24 May 2023 | Bitcoin & Blockchain Tech, Law & Regulation, Philosophy

Ketelaar (1993) provides a translation of the works of Nakamoto that detail his thoughts, and provides them in English. Nakamoto’s

Creating a Useful NFT

Download the relevant code as a ZIP/RAR file here. The concept of a non-fungible token (NFT) has been used to

Paper Critique: The Geography of Fear
By Craig Wright | 18 May 2023 | Economics, History, Philosophy

Melander, E. (2009). The Geography of Fear: Regional Ethnic Diversity, the Security Dilemma and Ethnic War. European Journal of International

Papers Associated with Bitcoin and Related Topics in Law: Part XX

Christensen (2006) introduced a theory of disruption that sought to explain disruptive technologies in a manner analogous to that of

Ruling Powers and the United Kingdom
By Craig Wright | 11 May 2023 | Economics, Education, History, Law & Regulation

Britain was not always Britain. With the United Kingdom sometimes seeming less United, and while the separatist movement in Scotland

Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing
By Craig Wright | 09 May 2023 | Economics, History, Other

In the 1990s, Ratko Mladić was general of the Bosnian Serb army overseeing multiple war crimes, including genocide conducted during

Paper Critique: ‘Trade and Geography in the Spread of Islam’
By Craig Wright | 04 May 2023 | Economics, Education, History

Michalopoulos, S., Naghavi, A., & Prarolo, G. (2018). Trade and Geography in the Spread of Islam. The Economic Journal, 128(616),

Historical Maps
By Craig Wright | 02 May 2023 | Economics, Education, History

The National archives in the UK provide access to a collection of historical maps (Archives, n.d.). In this archive, maps

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