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A computer scientist, a businessman, and an inventor.

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System Scanner
Digital Forensics

System scanner (available from CodeProject) is designed as a replacement to the Task manager. For the forensic or incident handling professional, this tool allows for the dumping of virtual memory at a point in time on a Windows system.

System State Backup
Information Security

The Windows system state backup is in effect a backup of the complete system. Everything that is present within the system will be copied as backup so that no data or information is lost whenever there is a system crash or corruption of the driver files, if certain system files stop the system from functioning properly.

Taking Control, Functions to DLL Injection

This article is going to follow from previous articles as well as going into some of the fundamentals that you will need in order to understand the code exploitation process. In this article, we look at one of the primary infection steps used to compromise a Windows host, DLL injection.

Testing Homogeneity of Variance

An introductory simulation study established that Anova is extremely susceptible to heterogeneity of the variances. This occurs both in normally distributed and non-normal datasets. Even small deviances from homogeneity to that of heteroscedasticity results in inflated type I error.

The Banality of the Monsterous

Rupetta (Sulway, 2013) is a post-modern reinterpretation of the Jewish Golem fable. The mechanical “woman” created in the story has been said to express sentience and immortality. For the most part, this is not directly the monster’s own ability but instead comes from the life force of the women who “wynd” her. The story has been called fantasy and science fiction, romance and Gothic horror (Hourigan, 2018). However, there is no science in fiction. Worse, there is nothing new.

The Changes to Cultural Identity in a Global World

Increased global flows of people and things impact cultural identity and change how societies interact. In ethnographic terms, this does not lead to hyper globalisation or homogenisation as some have claimed but rather creates several forces that allow for competition between different local groups. 

The Economics of Developing Security Embedded Software

Market models for software vulnerabilities have been disparaged in the past citing how these do little to lower the risk of insecure software. In this paper we argue that the market models proposed are flawed and not the concept of a market itself.

The Evolution of Meaning: The Foundation of the American State Papers

The American State Papers should not be read in isolation. The original Articles of Confederation contained flaws that needed to be rectified and fixed within the Constitution of the United States. However, without taking the original documents that the Constitutional involved into account, radically different meanings can be derived from those meanings intended by the founders. 

The Fallacy of Selfish Mining in Bitcoin: A Mathematical Critique

Money gains value through use. As a limited quantity of money chases a set value of wealth, we see the price increase linearly with the velocity of the system. The more use, the higher the price. Likewise, as use cases are limited we can expect a decline in price. This effect can be coupled together with scarcity. Bitcoin is a scarce economic good. Its value is retained from its use factor which as a settlement layer alone is severely limited.

The Great Gatsby: Limits on Social Mobility
Social Mobility

The Great Gatsby: Investigating how changes in social mobility affect the characters in this modern American novel. This work considers instance, gender, class, wealth, and work.

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