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An Analysis of Psychometric Testing for the COO Role
Psychometric Testing

The later sections of the paper will note various test methodologies designed to isolate individuals with positive narcissistic traits whilst filtering out those who exhibit excessive psychopathy or Machiavellianism (Sutton, 2019). Additionally, testing of the Light Triad virtues will be deployed to identify individuals with beneficial personality traits that will offset the negative aspects of the narcissistic tendencies that that individual exhibits.

An Analysis of SpyKing
Digital Forensics

In this post, I am going to touch on several methods of analysis used in discovering how a potentially malicious program functions. In this case, I have selected a covert surveillance program called SpyKing.

An Exploration of Ingroup Behaviour and Social Psychology in Developing Socially Abhorrent Behaviours in Social Media and Financial systems.

The following paper provides a preliminary investigation into the growth of "Cryptocurrency" subgroups, the abuse of social media using automated systems, the enhancement of trolling and the ability for these activities to pose both a political and financial threat. 

Analysis of a Serial Based Digital Voice Recorder
Digital Forensics

This paper will explore issues with a serially accessed digital voice recorder and in particular the retrieval and analysis of the voice files contained on the device. The device, a "VoiceIt" recorder records files to load later into the Dragon Speech recognition software. Unlike standard disk or USB card devices this hardware is accessed using a 9 pin serial link and does not map as a disk drive. There is a SD card expansion slot, though this is not in current use and there is no facility on the device to undelete files and copy them to the SD card. The analysis will derive around extracting the voice files from the device and copying them to a computer in a forensically sound manner. The device has a delete function independent of the PC and may be used "on the road" to dictate files which are later downloaded to the PC host for conversion into text. The device has had voice files deleted without being written to the PC.

Anecdote and Hearsay in Science: The Need To Validate Source Material

The use of anecdotal evidence has been growing as academics promote the concept of using the most recent scholarship on a topic and downplay the use of the original primary sources in continuing analyses. In this paper, the problems of unconfirmed anecdotal evidence will be investigated against a 19th-century paper that is touted to provide evidence of traditional holistic treatments in central Africa and how these can be used in the provision of surgery for complex medicine such as cesarean sections.

Arab Colonialism and the Roots of the Golden Age of Islam

The spread of Arab colonial conquest in the 8th to 12th century developed the colonial integration of diverse cultures, including the Greek, Roman, Persian, and Indian, to interact and share information, allowing philosophers and scholars across these distinct regions to open a means to synthesise knowledge.

Are Credences a Measure of Belief or Rather Subjective Guess at the Probability the Belief Exists?

There have been arguments concerning the ability to measure rational belief. In this debate, a credence or belief has been determined as being measurable by some authors and subjectively orderable by others. I would argue that our conceptual evaluation of belief is more accurately expressed as a level of belief in the credence itself. That is, individuals choose to believe that they hold a level of belief. Moreover, truth is objective in nature but individuals select credences that may be at odds with the determination of a true state.

Beyond Automated Tools and Frameworks: The Shellcode Injection Process

This article is going to follow from previous articles as well as going into some of the fundamentals that you will need in order to understand the shellcode creation process, how to use Python as a launch platform for your shellcode and that the various system components are. 

Beyond Godel

In this paper, we start by defining the basic predicate systems used by Gödel in his logical constructions for the creation of a system of computable mathematics. We demonstrate how each of these predicates and the primitive recursive functions can be mapped directly into bitcoin script operations. This is then extended to explore the dual stack 2PDA construction within bitcoin.

Bitcoin and Quantum Computing

This paper addresses recently raised concerns that cryptocurrency protocols are not quantum computer proof. We present clear evidence that attacks on bitcoin using quantum computers are not viable in terms of economic costs. 

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