The Casualties of Attacking the Market

By Craig Wright | 24 Nov 2020 | Economics, Law & Regulation, Philosophy

Aristotle characterized envy as anguish at the prospect of another’s good fortune which is provoked by “those who have what…

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The Myth of Complete Knowledge

By Craig Wright | 17 Nov 2020 | Economics, Law & Regulation, Philosophy

The journal articles written by Jones (2003) and Cairney (2012) seem very different at face value, but we can see…

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The Problem with Anthropomorphism and Personification

By Craig Wright | 09 Nov 2020 | Alternative Coins & Systems, Bitcoin & Blockchain Tech, Law & Regulation

I used the word vote in the Bitcoin white paper three times. I used the notion of anthropomorphism in explaining…

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Relationship Marketing

By Craig Wright | 27 Oct 2020 | Economics, Philosophy

In the field of service marketing, relationship marketing is gradually experiencing more common deployment. To some, it would appear as…

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Scarcity and Incentives

By Craig Wright | 16 Oct 2020 | Economics, Law & Regulation, Philosophy

When people query why elite athletes such as NBA basketball players are getting paid so much more than teachers, the…

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Nation and State: Old Wine in New Bottles

By Craig Wright | 06 Oct 2020 | Economics, Law & Regulation, Philosophy

If you opt to believe Anderson (2016; originally 1991), it becomes necessary to concur with the notion that ancient great…

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The Myth of Bitcoin as a Voting System

By Craig Wright | 29 Sep 2020 | Bitcoin & Blockchain Tech, Economics, Law & Regulation

There lies an error in many people’s fundamental understanding of Bitcoin, and any blockchain system, that has been propagated by…

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Undermining Truth: The Rise of Fake News

By Craig Wright | 21 Sep 2020 | Economics, Law & Regulation

Truth in advertising is something that many people would call an oxymoron, but with the advent of social media, we…

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Bitcoin’s Model of Capitalism

By Craig Wright | 14 Sep 2020 | Bitcoin & Blockchain Tech, Economics, Law & Regulation

Some people think that Bitcoin is a system designed to act outside of state and society. Others believe that it…

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On Talking

By Craig Wright | 04 Sep 2020 | Economics, Law & Regulation, Philosophy

I have been giving oral presentations for a long time. The methodology I used in learning the necessary skill has…

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On ‘Bullshit’

By Craig Wright | 02 Sep 2020 | Philosophy

Franfurt (2005; originally 1986, in his essay On Bullshit) assembled a modern philosophical concept that presents perhaps one of the…

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Jan Van Eyck — A Study in Optics

By Craig Wright | 28 Aug 2020 | Philosophy

When people discuss Renaissance art, they generally look to Florence and the northern Italian peninsula. In doing so, they bypass…

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