Analysis of a Serial Based Digital Voice Recorder

This paper will explore issues with a serially accessed digital voice recorder and in particular the retrieval and analysis of the voice files contained on the device. The device, a “VoiceIt” recorder records files to load later into the Dragon Speech recognition software. Unlike standard disk or USB card devices this hardware is accessed using a 9 pin serial link and does not map as a disk drive. There is a SD card expansion slot, though this is not in current use and there is no facility on the device to undelete files and copy them to the SD card. The analysis will derive around extracting the voice files from the device and copying them to a computer in a forensically sound manner. The device has a delete function independent of the PC and may be used “on the road” to dictate files which are later downloaded to the PC host for conversion into text. The device has had voice files deleted without being written to the PC.

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