An Unlyrical Ode to the Bard?

By Craig Wright | 26 Jan 2023 | Education, History, Other

Strophe Although commonly represented as a poem to a man, doing so would misrepresent many of the underlying aspects of…

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Pathology in Speculative and Science Fiction Literatures

By Craig Wright | 24 Jan 2023 | Education, History, Law & Regulation

Speculative and science fiction can serve as a methodology to explore the nature of humanity and the development of new…

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By Craig Wright | 19 Jan 2023 | Education, History, Other

Rupetta (Sulway, 2013) is a post-modern reinterpretation of the Jewish golem fable. The mechanical “woman” created in the story has…

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Cancelled: The New Censorship

By Craig Wright | 17 Jan 2023 | Education, Law & Regulation

Part 1: The Case Introduction George Orwell warned of the power of repressed speech and the rise of Big Brother…

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The Republican Order and the Pragmatic Politics of The Faerie Queene

By Craig Wright | 12 Jan 2023 | Education, Law & Regulation, Philosophy

Cheney (220) discusses many aspects of republican thought, and analyses the changes in political structures to argue that the West’s…

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Time, History, and Politics through the Eyes and Ears of Shakespeare

By Craig Wright | 10 Jan 2023 | Education, History, Law & Regulation

Shakespeare cared little for historical accuracy; rather, the author used historical events as psychological markers that would ‘jog’ the memory…

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Using False Notions of Culture in Ways That Diminish Human Capital in Indigenous Groups

By Craig Wright | 05 Jan 2023 | Education, History

The reflection task of asking why cultural maintenance is important comes with a presupposition that needs to be addressed, before…

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Liability in Peer-to-Peer Networks

By Craig Wright | 03 Jan 2023 | Alternative Coins & Systems, Bitcoin & Blockchain Tech, Law & Regulation

To some, the current developer issues with Bitcoin are about overturning all the changes around Grokster and LimeWire. There is…

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The Changes to Cultural Identity in a Global World

By Craig Wright | 29 Dec 2022 | Economics, Education, History

Globalisation has changed the movement and global flows of people and things across nations and continents. Some who suggest that…

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The Great Gatsby: Limits on Social Mobility

By Craig Wright | 27 Dec 2022 | Education, Other

Great stories often embed many different perspectives of reality, and contain stories within stories. The Great Gatsby embeds layer upon…

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Prometheus: Choosing to Be Bound

By Craig Wright | 22 Dec 2022 | Education, Law & Regulation, Philosophy

Prometheus Bound, Aeschylus In knowingly choosing rebellion, Prometheus set the stage, defining a choice of opposing tyranny and unjust laws,…

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The Odyssey: An Endless Story of Reaching Home

By Craig Wright | 20 Dec 2022 | Education, History, Philosophy

Abstract In Ulysses, we see a strong empathy and sense of duty, but which at times seems to develop a…

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Never miss a story from Craig Wright (Bitcoin SV is the original Bitcoin)