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Looking the Other Way

Not everything of my story is good and positive, but it is not the one my detractors make out either. [...]

Mistakes Also Come when You Listen to Others…

Many of the multitudes of problems surrounding the implementation of Bitcoin come from my failure to explain things to people. [...]

Transparency and Government

There is an overwhelming amount of false information around Bitcoin and, in particular, on the topic of privacy or pseudonymous [...]

Proof of Assignment

The Bitcoin blockchain is an immutable audit trail, which does not mean that money cannot be seized or that illicit [...]

Digital Gold

It is interesting that a meme of digital gold has popped up around BTC over the last few years. The [...]

Taxing Times…

One of the key aspects of Bitcoin is that it is set in stone; the protocol does not change. Many [...]

Satoshi’s Vision: The Art of Bitcoin

The book Satoshi’s Vision: The Art of Bitcoin is the product of a compilation of a selected number of Craig’s [...]

Rights and Tracing

Identification of ownership rights in Bitcoin and assets on the Bitcoin blockchain through payments and mixtures would be an exercise [...]

Good Title Is Not a Key

Anarchist anti-government and anti-law promoters of Bitcoin will tell you that if you don’t have your keys, you don’t have [...]

The Imbalance of Payments
By Craig Wright | 05 Aug 2019 | Alternative Coins & Systems, Economics, Math

It has commonly come to be believed that what is generally associated with the fallacy known as the “balance of [...]

Why Law Matters

At present, we are seeing the final desperate efforts of a bunch of conmen and felons who seek to maintain [...]

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