Alternative Coins & Systems

Bitcoin as a Security

In today’s post, I shall endeavour to explain some of the reasoning behind how I created Bitcoin and why I

Offline Addressing

When I initially launched Bitcoin in 2009, I noted two ways of sending bitcoin [1]: There are two ways to

Bitcoin White Paper Statement of Jan 29, 2021

Last week, I instructed my lawyers to send a series of formal legal letters to a very specific list of

Open Source and Liability

Several individuals in what is termed the “cryptocurrency space” have started to promote a misleading and false premise: that open-source

Strategic Advantage and Finding Opportunities

Size creates its own form of advantage. Walmart leveraged the long-tail effect in the same way that Amazon has done

About Coinbase

Coinbase is currently facing several lawsuits. One of the lawsuits involves XRP and Ripple. Coinbase will likely argue that they

The Problem with Anthropomorphism and Personification

I used the word vote in the Bitcoin white paper three times. I used the notion of anthropomorphism in explaining

Cryptocurrency and the Law of the Horse

In 1996, Judge Easterbrook presented and spoke to the University of Chicago Law School. In his speech, he reflected the

Is Code Really Law?

Many people within the ‘cryptocurrency communities’ have made a religion of “code is law”, the flawed methodology of Lawrence Lessig

The Right to Run a Node

The problem that exists in the Bitcoin environment today is reminiscent of society at large. For many years now, we

A Discourse on Nodes

The definition that has propagated around the description of a Bitcoin node has led to a rather cultish ‘quasi-religion’. I

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