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The Problem with Anthropomorphism and Personification

I used the word vote in the Bitcoin white paper three times. I used the notion of anthropomorphism in explaining

Cryptocurrency and the Law of the Horse

In 1996, Judge Easterbrook presented and spoke to the University of Chicago Law School. In his speech, he reflected the

Is Code Really Law?

Many people within the ‘cryptocurrency communities’ have made a religion of “code is law”, the flawed methodology of Lawrence Lessig

The Right to Run a Node

The problem that exists in the Bitcoin environment today is reminiscent of society at large. For many years now, we

A Discourse on Nodes

The definition that has propagated around the description of a Bitcoin node has led to a rather cultish ‘quasi-religion’. I

Money Is Time and Energy

Many falsely believe that by simply producing more money or redistributing it, we would all suddenly have more wealth. It

Satoshi NEVER Posted on Bitcointalk

It is a myth that all the posts on Bitcointalk ( from my account (Satoshi) are in fact mine and

The Property Flaw of Lightning

Segregated Witness (SegWit) was said to be introduced to stop purported errors caused by malleability. The truth of the matter

Ledgers and Design

Bookkeeping and accounting journals used within double-entry bookkeeping require write once read many (WORM) tables. Any accounting is posted entry

Binance: The Untrusted Intermediary

Today, as I have done in the past, I set up a number of accounts with Binance based only on

On Decentralisation

In a recent statement by SEC Commissioner Peirce, it was explained: A second area of concern is the lack of

Cryptography and Bitcoin

Cryptography can be used to limit access, and may be restrictive. When a file is encrypted, it can only be

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