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Good Title Is Not a Key

Anarchist anti-government and anti-law promoters of Bitcoin will tell you that if you don’t have your keys, you don’t have

The Imbalance of Payments
By Craig Wright | 05 Aug 2019 | Alternative Coins & Systems, Economics, Math

It has commonly come to be believed that what is generally associated with the fallacy known as the “balance of

Why Law Matters

At present, we are seeing the final desperate efforts of a bunch of conmen and felons who seek to maintain

PII in the Bitcoin World

PII stands for personally identifiable information. Right now, I see and hear many people talking about just how easy it


In reality, life can be complex. Contradictions exist because humans are messy. There is a quote by Ayn Rand that

Spam Away…

The first thing to understand about why people attack me and try to teach false mythologies about Bitcoin is that

Reversing Illicit Transactions on Bitcoin Is Simple

There is a lie that is propagated by those who seek to falsely claim that Bitcoin was created as an

Logical Fallacies and the SCADA Problem
By Craig Wright | 16 Jul 2019 | Alternative Coins & Systems, Economics, Law & Regulation

The arguments for extreme events are interesting, and one has to wonder about the motivation for them. The argument that

Monetary Law and Blockchains

The first thing to realise is that blockchains do not fork in a manner that splits the chain. Where such

Feign Madness but Keep Your Balance

(假痴不癲/假痴不癫, Jiǎ chī bù diān) Hide behind the mask of a fool, a drunk, or a madman to create confusion about

The Right to Privacy

Bitcoin is a system that works within the majority of legal frameworks — all of the ones in the free world. An

Fully Peer-to-Peer

In 2011, I sent my last email as Satoshi to Gavin… Gavin,I wish you wouldn’t keep talking about me as

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