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The ASIC myth

It is interesting how the arguments against commercial mining come down to an outcry against “mining centralisation.” All things in [...]

Why CLTV was a bad idea
By Craig Wright | 08 Jan 2019 | Alternative Coins & Systems, Bitcoin & Blockchain Tech

People seem to have a misplaced idea that the SegWit-coin (BTC) Core developers are even adequate developers who understand Bitcoin [...]

Crowd Funding and ICOs

The following are some notes on ICOs (all are securities) that can act as a set of things to consider. [...]

Expectation of Profits
By Craig Wright | 20 Dec 2018 | Alternative Coins & Systems, Economics

The US Howey case used the Expectation of Profit as an element in International Brotherhood of Teamsters vs Daniel. Daniel [...]

True Sale and Insolvency Challenges in ICO Token Sales
By Craig Wright | 31 Oct 2018 | Alternative Coins & Systems, Economics, Law & Regulation

In the English law, “true sale” incorporates the securitisation structures around existing receivables in two forms. We first have to [...]

The scams in Crypto

I will discuss the current state of play in ICOs. In my posts, I will demonstrate categorically that no token [...]

Myths of permission-less

In the world of Bitcoin there are many false narratives and myths. This started with the myth of decentralisation. In [...]

Taxing Bitcoin — Introduction.

Bitcoin is money, but it is also a ledger, a commodity and a token. It is all these things and [...]

Managing Blockchain Automata

This umbrella document describes a distributed platform open to public participation for managing the automation of tasks that interfaces with [...]

DFA compilation and execution

We present an analysis of the establishment and execution of contractual agreements embodied as deterministic finite automata (DFA). The contract [...]

A codification scheme for state machines
By Craig Wright | 16 Oct 2018 | Alternative Coins & Systems, Economics, Math

We define a codification scheme for the states of deterministic finite automaton (DFA) [1]. Contrary to usual practice, the codification [...]

Symmetric Fair Exchange Protocol

Background In a fair exchange protocol two parties either both honour an exchange (such as a contract), or neither of [...]

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