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The immovable

Many people in the bucket shop, sorry, “crypto currency exchange” industry want to see me gone.   The Church of

BTC and Censorship

There are those out there who try to explain how Bitcoin is about censorship resistance. Primarily, the same people are

Bitcoin is not against banks

Forget the lies you have been told about Bitcoin. Bitcoin doesn’t stop banking, it doesn’t even stop central banks. In

Bit Gold Is Not BitCoin

And BTC Is Not Bitcoin Bit gold has never had anything to do with Bitcoin in any way or form, and

Two steps forward, one step back

All progress comes through a path of resistance. To understand this, we need to understand that a status quo will

Peer-to-peer digital electronic cash

Bitcoin is not a cryptocurrency. Too many people get it wrong. As the white paper explains, Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer

Forks as a demerger, or a split as a copy?
By Craig Wright | 20 Mar 2019 | Alternative Coins & Systems, Bitcoin & Blockchain Tech

There is a lie and myth of decentralised consensus where a small group of developers alters a protocol and says

Finite State Machines in Script
By Craig Wright | 18 Mar 2019 | Alternative Coins & Systems, Bitcoin & Blockchain Tech

This note provides methods for constructing deterministic and non-deterministic finite state automata in Bitcoin Script. The “best” method produces a

Learning Script

The foundation of recursion comes in 6 functions. OP_ADD and OP_1ADD encapsulate point 4 and point 2 (below) respectively. Point

Why Lightning will never be currency, and why BSV matters

Under the provisions of FinCEN, any exchange accepting and transmitting virtual currency is a money transmitter [1]. The law is

The labour fallacy of mining

I have noted a good number of people hold on to the same common fallacy as was promoted by Marx.

Proof of (unregistered) security
By Craig Wright | 04 Mar 2019 | Alternative Coins & Systems, Bitcoin & Blockchain Tech

There have been many people pushing proof of stake as an alternative to proof of work. They claim that proof

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