Bitcoin is not Anti State — it is Pro Honest government

Bitcoin is an open immutable ledger. It is not anonymous, it is private. There is a huge difference, and it only works when it is not anonymous. Privacy requires traceability, in a way that allows you to have a way to access and validate a transaction. To be fungible, money needs to be linked to records — even cash is; we have invoices and audit trails.


Good government is open and transparent.

Bitcoin makes this simpler. It makes the world more transparent and open.

It allows privacy as users move from address to address, but they do this in a means that allows their activity to be followed and analysed — but only at a cost. With Bitcoin, any individual can be investigated, but only at a cost and, to do it correctly, with an audit trail of the transactions; not only users of money in the “community” but government and the corporations.

It is private but traceable money that is open and can be reviewed, audited, and held to account that makes us free.

The press

Bitcoin creates a free press. We can have data written (such as we see on Memo). To have freedom, we need to have the right to say what we want to say, but, this is the right not to be an anonymous troll, as that is a means to censor others, to attack and drown them out.


The press must be free

We need to have privacy, but it does not give us the right to slander and lie without being held accountable. Many on Reddit think that they have a right to make up false claims, to defame others; this is wrong. They have the right to express an opinion, and when they are defaming, it is using force, it is an attack, and for that, for censoring others with what they say, the lie, the slander, they must be held accountable.

A free press is accountable.

To be accountable, the free press CANNOT be anonymous. It must be private, but actions must also be traceable. Without accountability we cannot have a free society.


Bitcoin allows government to tax more easily. It does not stop tax at all, it makes it fair. A VAT/GST imposition is applied equally. As you spend on consumption goods you pay tax. If you invest, by capital, and create something to grow the economy, you keep your money.


Bitcoin allows a merchant to instantly remit tax to the government, with no forms, no need to have intrusive audits, and the government receiving money instantly and without the need to have a large bureaucracy to seek and punish offenders; there would be none.


Bitcoin is an open transparent ledger — one that makes a fair tax easier, that allows consumption to be taxed rather than income, that allows for simple reporting, and reduces the intrusiveness of government whilst allowing them to provide any necessary services.

What few tell you is that anonymous systems only favour the rich, the powerful, and government. Bitcoin brings transparency into the world. It allows honest governments to compete fairly on open playing fields, and stops corruption and fraud.

Bitcoin is not anarchist; it is about freedom.

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