Misinformation and the myth of Satoshi

Bitcoin is a story of myths; it was never designed for such an end, but it’s what they who have no idea of science or testing hypotheses have come to understand.

To some, it is easier; the myth to them becomes stronger than reality. There are many simple things that people can do and that could have been done, yet they have never been looked into. Unfortunately, the type of people who want many blockchains, sidechains, and the associated scam world of USENET penny share pink sheet dumps is also the type of people who seek something that Bitcoin is not.

Let us take the mythical miner of Mr Lerner’s: no analysis is actually done, it’s just a supposition. More importantly, it’s a supposition based on a false hypothesis that has never been tested. Most importantly, it’s only about making hype.

It doesn’t have any explanatory power — which, remember, is an important part of any scientific hypothesis — not claiming that there was some mythical miner out there but explaining how it occurred. There is no testing of the systems at the time. Nothing of Windows XP SP2 or Vista later on. More importantly, there is nothing explaining the difference between multiple machines on a single C-class network or ones that are remotely monitored.

When I started mining Bitcoin, it was important that many machines ran.

Remember, it was before Bitcoin had a price. What you will actually find is that the IP addresses and locations of the machines don’t match. If you start analysing how early versions of Bitcoin operate and how they operate on different platforms, you’ll start to understand the difference.

  • How does Windows XP SP2 vs SP3 operate?
  • How does Vista operate?
  • How does a grouping of machines differ when put on a single network class?
  • Has any testing actually been done of any such theories?
  • Does domain versus workgroup make a difference?
  • How about Windows time services?

All of them are valid scientific questions. None of them have been answered, nor have they even been asked. Such ignorance forms the false narrative that surrounds Bitcoin. Again, Vistomail utilised credit card payments in 2008.

Interestingly, nobody thinks to check simple facts like that. They want a story told by cypherpunks of a myth that cannot exist and a lie of Utopia they dream will bring equality and communist unity. The fact of the matter is: evidence is simple. They just don’t want you to see it. It doesn’t suit their false narrative.

Being scientific requires testing hypotheses. They don’t want that to happen. It doesn’t suit the narrative.

In 2009, I ran a number of machines in many different locations. There’s a simple reason for doing so: to stop attacks, machines needed to be powerful enough to make the network resilient. At the time, I had several public C-class networks on the public address ranges connected to the Internet. Not ISP-supplied ones, my own.

One example of addressing ranges I used includes It’s not limited to that.

At the time, I owned multiple C-class addresses in both Australia and the US. If you do your homework, you’ll find out it is actually true and that I was associated with a number of domains, addresses, and more since the ’90s.

It’s all too easy to make up myths.

But the facts are much simpler and far easier to support. In 2009, Bitcoin had no value. There was no market.

So, I set up lots of machines. I ran them, and I upgraded them. Some of which ended up running churches. Some became email servers. Some became domain controllers for Burnside and the Uniting Church.

If you wonder what happened to all the machines, it’s very simple… I donated them to charities.

While I was in Australia, I donated several thousand computers to those in need. I put 20 people through university. I fed people. I donated food. And every year for many years, even where I was close to not being able to buy anything let alone pay my mortgage, I put on a Christmas party and supplied food for over 100 people at a time.

Enjoy your myth. Reality is always more interesting.

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