OP Codes and the push to confuse.

OP Codes and the push to confuse.

A certain group of BTC Core developers have their (one day but not in my lifetime) sidechains that will enable OP_Codes that have been left broken in BTC (and which are working in BCH).

In this post I will pick on the lack of thought of some of these by demonstrating how you can create the same outcome without a new OP_Code.

Dup from Alt Stack

This copies a value to the Main from Alt stack leaving the Alt stack as it was.

SWAP Stack

Swaps the Main and Alt Stack.

We have now swapped the stack locations.

Dup TO ALT Stack

This copies to the Alt Stack while leaving a copy on the main stack. We do this as:


The command works as:

We can do this as follows in reverse as:


Using the following:

Good developers do not reinvent the wheel and sell it as if that makes them smart.

Basically, all that these commands allow is already there… if you think.

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