Operating an Escrow Document Storage and Secure Signing Registry

Abstract. We propose a system, method, server processing system, and computer-program product for operating an escrow document storage and secure signing registry. In one aspect, the server processing system is configured to: receive, from a user processing system in data communication with the server processing system, data that is to be securely stored and maintained on the server for the user. Such data will be encrypted in a manner that escrowed keys can be used to access data in the event that a third party is to access the data without the individual’s signing and encryption key (e.g. for access from the executor of an estate or a liquidator for a corporation). The data will be stored in a time-stamped and digitally signed format to prove the integrity of the document in a manner that cannot be altered. The document will be able to be signed by external parties who can validate the authenticity of the document without having to read its contents.

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