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Papers Associated with Bitcoin and Related Topics in Law: Part I

Annotated Bibliography: Part I The concept of decentralisation has become a core topic when it comes to describing how blockchain-based

Liability in Peer-to-Peer Networks

To some, the current developer issues with Bitcoin are about overturning all the changes around Grokster and LimeWire. There is

IoT and IIoT in Supply Chain Management and Global Logistics

Introduction The promise of systems based on the Internet of things (IoT) and industrial Internet of things (IIoT) for the

Strategic Integration of Positive Social Change

In Finding Bernie Madoff, Stephen Dimmock and William Gerkin (2009) demonstrated that methodologies based on the detailed statistical analysis of

Personal Philosophy of Leadership
By Craig Wright | 20 Oct 2022 | Bitcoin & Blockchain Tech, Law & Regulation, Philosophy

In an essay on developing a framework for ethical leadership, Lawton and Páez (2015, p. 639) note that the need

Solving Double-Spending
By Craig Wright | 08 Aug 2022 | Bitcoin & Blockchain Tech, Economics, Law & Regulation

We propose a solution to the double-spending problem using a peer-to-peer network… The solution to the double-spending problem involves more

Digital Signatures
By Craig Wright | 20 Jul 2022 | Bitcoin & Blockchain Tech, Law & Regulation

Digital signatures provide part of the solution, but the main benefits are lost if a trusted third party is still

Directly from One Party to Another…
By Craig Wright | 11 Jul 2022 | Bitcoin & Blockchain Tech, Law & Regulation

A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another

The Scarcity Paradox
By Craig Wright | 03 May 2022 | Bitcoin & Blockchain Tech, Economics, Law & Regulation

There is a good deal of misinformation around scarcity right now. Unfortunately, our education system has produced a series of

The 51% Attack That Never Was

There are widespread mythologies concerning supposed attacks against Bitcoin (Bindseil et al., 2022), including ones that are promoted by people


The problem with Ethereum and BTC groups is that they are anticorporate. They call themselves crypto capitalists (Ortiz, 2020). What


Abstract. A system such as Bitcoin operates using a proof-of-work-based consensus mechanism that many individuals have falsely claimed to limit

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