Satoshi and Science

The scientific principle applies in all aspects of life, including jurisprudence and law. It has done so for a long time. Generally speaking, the scientific principle is applied in the methodology followed below.

  • Step 1 : Question. The “thing” that you want to know.
  • Step 2 : Research. Conduct research. 
  • Step 3 : Hypothesis. Educated guess or prediction of the outcome experiment.
  • Step 4: Experiment. Test the hypothesis.
  • Step 5: Observations. Data you collect during the experiment.
  • Step 6: Results/Conclusion.
  • Step 7: Communicate.

Those seeking to discredit me are going to find out the hard way how law works. I don’t need to give more than I need to give as evidence. Bitcoin isn’t ‘code is law,’ it is not about replacing courts. Rather, it augments them. People don’t want me stepping into court in seeking to prove I created Bitcoin because it robs them of the narrative. I’ve had enough of people taking my invention and twisting it into something corrupted and rotten, and it’s not going to continue. They are going to learn what Bitcoin was and is really about. It is about the opposite of Liberty Reserve. It is about the opposite of e-gold. It is designed to rip apart and end forever everything that such systems promote.

I’ve said it before: careful what you wish for.

I’m not good with people and not good in groups, which is part of why I vanished in 2015 as I was uncovered. No, I did not make a claim in 2015; I vanished, others made the claim. In particular, people such as Greg Maxwell worked to ensure that I was outed in a way that would make me disappear. But I grow and learn, I am stepping up, and I will take responsibility for my invention and make sure that the crimes that such people are helping are uncovered.

Bitcoin isn’t some immutable system that acts outside of the law. Such is what criminals want, and it is not what I developed. If you think blockchain helps you make a criminal system, one that cannot be stopped, then you are absolutely stupid. Bitcoin is about the same as having a bunch of law enforcement officials that are incorruptible walk behind you every step of the way any time you want to create a crime. When you’re acting responsibly and within the law, they are not there. When you seek to scam people, to engage in fraud, it is a system that will record your actions.

I’ve said many times that Bitcoin was set in stone. To be decentralised, it requires a stable protocol. In fact, as I have said, “the only job the network needs to do is to tell whether a spend of an outpoint is the first or not.” Nodes don’t set protocol changes, they choose to enforce existing rules and can put limits within such rules. No more, no less.

What you are going to discover is that I am pro law and that there is no anarchy in Bitcoin.

I’m choosing court as a means to prove my identity as it is the correct place to determine truth. If you believe the truth is obtained through a key, then you are seeking something other than Bitcoin. Which is what people such as those who created Silk Road wanted. They are the ones who took my invention and tried to flush it down the toilet and ended up getting 1% of what they deserved as a result. And yes, I believe they got off easy.

It’s remarkably funny how people keep quoting things that I didn’t say or that are taken out of context. Some of the so-called quotes attributed to me are not what I said, rather comments I was rebutting. There is no single quote in existence from my time when I acted as Satoshi that is anti-bank, that is anti-government, or that is anti-court. There is nothing in my entire time talking to people that can be taken to be even remotely anarchist. Yet people cherry-pick parts of a statement and twist it maliciously to create something that BitCoin was not.

My code was always covered by copyright. It’s right there in the initial version. The © marker means that I expressed copyright and intellectual property law from day one. I did not bypass and give up copyright. I allowed licensing of the code. And even that does not cover passing off. Ethereum, as much as a dead end as it is, is not passing off trying to be Bitcoin. Litecoin, as much as a childish representation of the system it is that follows any stupid change, is not trying to pass itself off as Bitcoin. BTC is. It split, and resulted as an airdrop copy that has fraudulently been using the name of Bitcoin from 2017 on.

The aim of all such changes and the fraudulent airdrop is very simple: it’s an attempt to make a system that acts outside of law, allows terrorist funding, and helps many other scams and frauds. That’s it. And the thing is, it’s very very simple to stop. People are going to wake up one day and not find that the value of their BTC investment is diminishing, but that it is zero. When such types of crime coins end, they don’t end slowly — they end in an instant. One moment you will be looking at US$8000 per coin, the next global trading will be suspended. More importantly, miners who seek to violate such orders will find themselves incarcerated, and they will find their equipment seized. They will be allowed to stop mining BTC and continue mining other coins. They will then simply move from scams such as BTC onto Bitcoin and recover some of the losses. It is, of course, why the scam-coin (BTC) developers at Core seek to try to manipulate the system and remove miners — they want to make it harder to stop, but the problem is: Bitcoin is resilient to what they intend to do. The crime-coin attack is one of the things I spent years working on stopping.

In court, I get to put up evidence. If any of it was falsified, people could point it out and I would go to prison. Unfortunately for the crime-coin developers, there is nothing I will be submitting that is fraudulent. Bitcoin (BSV) is a single system. There are no splits in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the original system, and is designed such that a transaction signed in 2009 will be valid in 2150. I don’t really care what Ethereum or Litecoin does, they have little to do with my invention other than being poor copies.

You are going to have to put up with me as Satoshi, and I don’t care if you like it. It’s very simple: there is no evidence you can ever propose that ever contradicts anything I’ve said, and there never will be. There’s not a single post that I made as Satoshi that conflicts. In 10 years, my personality has changed a little, I’ve grown, and I’ve learnt much more. I have been angry and gotten over it, and like everyone, I’m older but still the same person, and I still believe in a world of law and order. That is, a representative democracy. A system without fraud and a system where people can live without fear. It opposes anarchy, and I will never support a system that acts allowing the strong depression of the weak.

The true market of BTC is zero. When it’s stopped, it will just end. You know how much e-gold is worth today? Zero. Liberty Reserve US Dollars? Zero. You see, here lies the bit people don’t understand. As soon as a system of such kind starts to move outside of the legal constructions that allow it to operate, it stands on a foundation of watered sand and will eventually collapse. When it collapses, it can never be recovered. When you understand this, you will understand why I created Bitcoin to act within the law.

Because I backed away from publicity, people were able to defame me, to libel me, and to get away with it, but no more. People will learn the hard way that I don’t need to jump through what they say I need to prove. Code is not law, and it will never ever in the entirety of the universe even slightly resemble law, because it is a childish dream by people who cannot think beyond the realm of eight-year-olds. Law is flexible and grows. The common law has been created over centuries, and exceeds anything that some prepubescent seeking to make a distributed system without knowledge of anything about how the real world works can be.

The takeaway here is that I’m going to clean out the cryptocurrency space whether you like it or not.

If you want to pretend to be Satoshi, I will see you end in prison. This is the thing, this is how evidence and scientific principles work. It doesn’t matter whether I give you what you want, it’s not a falsifiable claim. I have a claim that I am Satoshi and that I created the white paper. It is potentially falsifiable and, if I lied, may be disproven. In court, there are consequences. I’ve made my claim under oath. I have sworn it in a court of law. If it turns out that I’m not, I will face 20 years in prison. The thing is, it will never happen, because I am the creator of Bitcoin.

Alternatively, the way I’m going to clean up the space is to force every single person involved in the space to either swear they are Satoshi and created Bitcoin or back down and apologise.

If they claim to be Satoshi, it is a falsifiable premise. That is scientific. Here’s the thing: I don’t need to tell you what I will do in order to discredit any particular individual at any particular time. Bitcoin is based on game theory. Like poker, my cards are kept close. Some want me to tell what my holdings are, how many bitcoin I have, when I can spend them and how. I won’t. When you see it coming, it will be too late. You won’t get notification of the end. You’ll wake up one day, and BTC will be trading at zero.

Please note, this is not market manipulation, it is truth. I am pre-warning you. I’m the one living in a jurisdiction — unlike conman John — that allows extradition, prison sentences, and law. I’m not hiding. When I act, and eventually I will, BTC will not ever be called Bitcoin again and people seeking to do so will be shown to be the fraud and scammers they are.

If you think I’m joking, if you think I’m not serious, if you think that I can’t prove what I’m saying, then I’m going to be looking forward to meeting you in court. And I’m not going to give more than I need at any time. I will give the minimum amount of proof to ensure that I win, and no more. I’m going to take pitiful people like Peter McCormick apart, as sad as it is, because of their stupidity and as a lesson. People are going to learn that you cannot lie and cheat and defame people without consequences. In time, if I have to, I will work one by one through every person in the BTC community, until they all either wear orange suits, apologise, or disappear. No exceptions.

I don’t care if you privately want to believe me or not. If you think it matters, you don’t understand Bitcoin. I have reason for doing things the way I do them, and I used an MIT licence as it is patent-friendly. I intentionally did not use other open licences as they oppose intellectual property licences. I expressed copyright on my authorship from 2008.

The mere signing of a key is not evidence, and such was never the intention of Bitcoin. In fact, escrow can incorporate the introduction of contracts linked directly to courts.

The process of what’s going to happen is that I’m going to make people like Roger Ver, Vitalik Buterin, and the Core team stand up in court and formally apologise or be in contempt. They can work out how long you get to stay in prison when you’re in contempt and choose when they want to come out of the orange jumpsuit and apologise. You see, I don’t care whether you believe. Belief has nothing to do with science. You could say that you don’t like me and that in your opinion I haven’t given strong enough evidence, which sorts of things are legal and covered under free speech. Lies, defamation, and hate crime are not covered under free speech.

So all of the frauds out there claiming that they had worked with me are going to find that I’m going to discredit what they say. I’m going to do so in court, and I’m going to do it in such a way where they never dig themselves out. I’m going to make sure that anyone anywhere on earth will see them and treat them with scorn. They are criminals, and they deserve to be treated as criminals.

Some people seem to think that I had to come out there when I was exposed and do what the media demanded of me. What you’re going to learn is that you don’t make demands of someone you want something from. You ask politely. You don’t need to like me. But Bitcoin and blockchain are my system. They act within the law, and are bound by it. You’re going to discover that decentralised only works for a blockchain system as a concept where it acts within the law. You’re going to discover that anonymous systems cannot act within Bitcoin. You’re going to discover that Bitcoin allows free speech but not hate crime. You are going to discover that Bitcoin doesn’t allow trolls to continue to operate with impunity. You’re going to discover that people who aid in hacking and compromising systems and people like Greg Maxwell are the opposite of what Bitcoin creates, and you’re going to discover that such people who run the sock puppets and manipulate social media and lie and seek to create systems that undermine law are the antithesis of what Bitcoin was designed to be.

You get your day in court. You get to make claims about how I lied. Then, I get to show how you were spreading false information and that nothing you’re bringing up is true.

After doing so, you apologise. Such is how truth works. Such is how the legal system works. Fools such as Mr McCormick who think that they have something on me get to learn that they don’t. They get to learn that there is a cost of calling people out using false information and that when you defame people and when you enact a slander and a libel, you get to pay and face the consequences. The reason we extended Mr McCormick’s time to respond is that I want him in court. We can force him using default orders right now, but I don’t want that. I want him to stand in court and put up with his lies, and then I’m going to tear every one of them apart and show every falsehood that he is basing his claims upon to the world. And when I’m done, I’m going to go through each and every other scammer in the space. I’m going to find every cowboy with a hat and no swagger and get him to understand what Bitcoin is really about.

Yes, I am Satoshi Nakamoto. It was my pseudonym when I created Bitcoin. I was not a group, I did it myself, but I had help from other people. Everyone has help from other people. When I asked people to give me advice, they did not become part of the authorship. When I asked people to talk to me about my project, they did not become the project. Those who helped code in 2009 and 2010 were valuable and I needed them, but they are not Satoshi Nakamoto ; I am, and if you don’t like it, I don’t care.

If you wish upon a star, and you trust in yourself and you believe in dreams of a connected society, and you believe that decentralisation will set you free, and you think you don’t need to go to university to study, and you don’t work hard and study long hours, when you are going to get beaten by people like me who work, who study, who sacrifice and learn, then you are only going to find that the world allows you to seek happiness, but it doesn’t promise it.

Trust-less and Permission-less

Bitcoin is trust-less only as far as you follow the rules and stay without changing the protocol. Bitcoin acts without permission as long as you stay within the rules and don’t change the protocol. There is nothing stopping you from creating a new script. As long as you work within the existing system and the rules, it’s allowable. Bitcoin is trust-less as long as you act within the rules.

If you act within the rules and Bitcoin, you can do so without trust. As soon as you change the rules, you enter into a realm where you need law and trust. Bitcoin only works within the common law prescriptions that I designed it to work within.

ICOs and associated scams are not how Bitcoin works. Such are systems just like e-gold and ones promoted by Liberty Reserve. They are the realm of frauds and scammers. People will tell you that it’s democratising finance as they are doing so to take your money without facing rules. They want to defraud you. There has not been a single valuable ICO in the history of Bitcoin. There will not be a single valuable ICO in the history of Bitcoin. Organisations like registered regulated exchanges will find that Bitcoin creates a platform that enables savings and that it speeds up operations and reduces losses. Bitcoin does not replace them. Bitcoin does not remove trust from systems such as ICOs. Only conmen and fools say otherwise.

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