The Game of Chicken

There is only one way to play chicken. And, it is best, if others know what game you are playing.

First, you build up capital. That is, enough high explosive (or the equivalent in business terms) to level a city, and not a small one, say New York.

Next, you fill your tank with this. You make certain the tank has no steering, no brakes, and one accelerator setting; that is, it stops when the fuel runs out. Not a moment before. You set a path, and you make it work.

You allow people to have a choice. There is a strategy called M.A.D. This is something that has no sidelines. Mostly, you make certain it is asymmetrical.

When you care about something, there is all in and nothing.

There are things in the world worth risking everything for. What you find is, there is generally not two sides to such an argument.

Some things, well some are worth any risk.


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