How Bitcoin helps reduce Poverty
By Craig Wright | 21 Sep 2018 | Bitcoin & Blockchain Tech, Economics

Many love to say how fixing poverty is a simple matter of reallocation. It is not. It is better to [...]

Are the Poor Exploited?
By Craig Wright | 17 Sep 2018 | Economics

In 2012, the US trade with Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) came to a total of $48 billion [1] as a combination [...]

By Craig Wright | 15 Sep 2018 | Economics, Philosophy

Some argue that capitalism fails as it does not lead to equality. That is a fallacy we need to avoid. [...]

Keynesian flaws.
By Craig Wright | 14 Sep 2018 | Economics, Philosophy

Now, it is generally taken [1] by rational economists without an agenda (and even most of the honest ones with [...]

The 1937 Crash
By Craig Wright | 13 Sep 2018 | Economics, Philosophy

Social security was the start of a crash every bit as large as the 1929 stock market correction. Yet, this [...]

By Craig Wright | 07 Sep 2018 | Bitcoin & Blockchain Tech, Economics, Law & Regulation

Non-repudiation is the process of ensuring that the parties to a transaction cannot deny (this is repudiate) that a transaction [...]

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