Myth and Reality, Security is Really About Economics
By Craig Wright | 23 May 2017 | Bitcoin & Blockchain Tech, Economics

Many people, likely the majority, who work within the information security industry hold a misconceived notion that information security is

Attacks, Slander, and Censorship
By Craig Wright | 20 May 2017 | Economics, Philosophy

Those who live in a society where each cannot be equal and whose ambitions fail to be satisfied look to

Bitcoin and the costs of consumption
By Craig Wright | 28 Apr 2016 | Bitcoin & Blockchain Tech, Economics

Bitcoin is under attack, but the arguments are misdirected at the ‘strawman’ of total consumption. Bitcoin is painted as a

What happens after Moore’s law….
By Craig Wright | 28 Apr 2016 | Economics, Law & Regulation

Now that it seems clear that Moore’s Law will reach its end, what will happen? Whether the predictions are of

Bitcoin Mining: Consistency and the Distribution of Transactions
By Craig Wright | 28 Apr 2016 | Bitcoin & Blockchain Tech, Economics

Misunderstandings in the bitcoin community have led to false conclusions about the way that bitcoin works. The bitcoin mining process

Tulips and Other Myths
By Craig Wright | 26 Apr 2016 | Economics, Philosophy

What common knowledge tells us and the truth of a matter is not always the same thing. Sometimes history is

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