Law & Regulation

Dynamic disequilibria and the creation of criminal opportunity
By Craig Wright | 18 Sep 2018 | Bitcoin & Blockchain Tech, Law & Regulation

The security industry and criminal activity feeds upon itself. Crime and entrepreneurship each create opportunities for the other. In this, [...]

Misconceptions surrounding copyright
By Craig Wright | 09 Sep 2018 | Bitcoin & Blockchain Tech, Law & Regulation

Many think that when you pay a company to create something for you that you naturally own the copyright. This [...]

The Gamma Monstrosity & the Probability Deception
By Craig Wright | 08 Sep 2018 | Bitcoin & Blockchain Tech, Law & Regulation, Math

For some time now, I have allowed people to continue with this foolish and unscientific notion of gamma in the [...]

By Craig Wright | 07 Sep 2018 | Bitcoin & Blockchain Tech, Economics, Law & Regulation

Non-repudiation is the process of ensuring that the parties to a transaction cannot deny (this is repudiate) that a transaction [...]

What happens after Moore’s law….
By Craig Wright | 28 Apr 2016 | Economics, Law & Regulation

Now that it seems clear that Moore’s Law will reach its end, what will happen? Whether the predictions are of [...]

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