Beauty, the Beast, and the Modern Psyche

By Craig Wright | 17 Nov 2022 | Education, Other, Philosophy

Madame de Beaumont and Angela Carter each take an age-old story reminiscent of Cupid and Psyche (Apuleius) and change it…

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Rage, Anger, and the Rationality of the Berserker

By Craig Wright | 15 Nov 2022 | Education, Other, Philosophy

The wolverine is portrayed as a “vicious marauder to be feared more than valued or admired” (Shaw and Ford, 115)….

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Canonical or Not Canonical: That Is the Question

By Craig Wright | 10 Nov 2022 | Education, Other, Philosophy

The status of a work as a classic differs from the position as a canonical text (da Silva and Vieira)….

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Educating the English

By Craig Wright | 08 Nov 2022 | Education, Other

Edgeworth set Castle Rackrent in a period where the Irish were under English rule. Unfortunately, most English people failed to…

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Medieval Latin: Commentary II

By Craig Wright | 13 Sep 2022 | Education, Other

Carta Lucie de Brintona de tota terra quam Godwinus filius Leurich Carta Hugonis de Gurnay et Mileseint sponse sue de…

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Medieval Latin: Commentary I

By Craig Wright | 06 Sep 2022 | Education, Other

British Library, Add Charter 19790: http://www.bl.uk/manuscripts/Viewer.aspx?ref=add_ch_19790_f001r P.H. Sawyer, Anglo-Saxon Charters: An Annotated List and Bibliography, Royal Historical Society Guides and…

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The Rebirth of Anti-Semitism

By Craig Wright | 16 Aug 2022 | Economics, Law & Regulation, Other

The conflict between Palestine and Israel has demonstrated the combination of disagreement and agreement over collective action. Baker reported on…

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The Woke Regression

By Craig Wright | 11 Aug 2022 | Economics, Education, Other

I would like to say that the “woke” concept that is promoted at universities, including ones in the United Kingdom,…

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The Development of Modern Art

By Craig Wright | 05 Jul 2022 | Other, Philosophy

The death and destruction that occurred during World War I led many artists to abstract life and define something outside…

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The Role of the Researcher

By Craig Wright | 15 Jun 2022 | Other, Philosophy

As a researcher develops through the doctoral learning process, it is essential to find academic peer support groups that can…

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Twenty Years of a Bank Worker’s Life

By Craig Wright | 08 Apr 2022 | Other, Philosophy

Kumazawa Makoto, “Twenty Years of a Bank Worker’s Life”, on Kawabe Tomomi Putting his authentic dilemma more specifically in terms…

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Carnivorous Sponges

By Craig Wright | 04 Jan 2022 | Other, Philosophy

A relatively recent paper from O’Hara et al. (2020), describing a scientific survey of the lower bathyal and abyssal seafloor…

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Never miss a story from Craig Wright (Bitcoin SV is the original Bitcoin)