By Craig Wright | 24 Mar 2019 | Bitcoin & Blockchain Tech, Law & Regulation

In a fair exchange protocol, two parties either both honour an exchange (such as a contract), or neither of them do. It is known that deterministic fair exchange is impossible without a trusted third party…

Social Choice, Bitcoin, and Arrow’s Theorem

By Craig Wright | 28 Apr 2016 | Bitcoin & Blockchain Tech, Math

What is the value of a Bitcoin blockchain alternative? Many propositions add alternative states, which must be included in the…

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Tulips and Other Myths

By Craig Wright | 26 Apr 2016 | Economics, Philosophy

What common knowledge tells us and the truth of a matter is not always the same thing. Sometimes history is…

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Generating a Bitcoin address

By Craig Wright | 26 Apr 2016 | Bitcoin & Blockchain Tech, Math

Although several good Bitcoin libraries are available, to ensure the compatibility and security of software using Bitcoin, it is important…

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