Comparing Utopia: Kafka’s Metamorphosis and Huxley’s Pleasure
By Craig Wright | 03 Nov 2022 | Philosophy

The concept of transformation and dehumanisation (Kafka) is analogous to the concept of civilisation as “auto-intoxication” (Huxley). Huxley defines the

Clark: Myth-Busting Paine
By Craig Wright | 01 Nov 2022 | Education, Law & Regulation, Philosophy

Clark’s analysis of Thomas Paine contains more “myth busters” than a biography.[1] Clark’s tome, titled Thomas Paine: Britain, America, and

Personal Philosophy of Leadership
By Craig Wright | 20 Oct 2022 | Bitcoin & Blockchain Tech, Law & Regulation, Philosophy

In an essay on developing a framework for ethical leadership, Lawton and Páez (2015, p. 639) note that the need

Ribbons and the Dream of Digital Envelopment
By Craig Wright | 18 Oct 2022 | Art, Education, Philosophy

Lin (2005) discussed the impact of technology on the art world over centuries of its growth, noting that photography changed

Ed Atkins: Ribbons
By Craig Wright | 29 Sep 2022 | Art, Education, Philosophy

Ed Atkins has captured the move towards artificial intelligence and social media in modern society’s darkly poignant and spiritual reflection.

The Politics of Globalisation
By Craig Wright | 26 Aug 2022 | Economics, Education, Law & Regulation, Philosophy

The progressive liberal concept had been developing in vehemence from before the start of the Great War. Educational scholars such

WWI and Wilson
By Craig Wright | 19 Aug 2022 | Economics, Law & Regulation, Philosophy

Tucker (2007, p. 4) explains how both the circumstances of the American position and the nation’s political views and outlook

The Development of Modern Art
By Craig Wright | 05 Jul 2022 | Other, Philosophy

The death and destruction that occurred during World War I led many artists to abstract life and define something outside

The Role of the Researcher
By Craig Wright | 15 Jun 2022 | Other, Philosophy

As a researcher develops through the doctoral learning process, it is essential to find academic peer support groups that can

The Rise and Fall of European Neutrality from the United States
By Craig Wright | 06 Jun 2022 | Economics, Law & Regulation, Philosophy

In the first days of the republic, Congress and the President sought to rebuild the country and look to ways

Pan-Asianism and the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere
By Craig Wright | 31 May 2022 | Economics, Law & Regulation, Philosophy

Gordon (2019) documents many of the changes that have occurred throughout the history of Japan, including the development of Pan-Asianism

State Power and Ordinary People from the Tokugawa Period through the 20th Century
By Craig Wright | 23 May 2022 | Economics, Law & Regulation, Philosophy

Traditionally, the study of history looked at the state and elite forces and people and how they would change the

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